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  3. The Spartathlon is usually held around late September. Runners have 36 hours to run 245 kilometres (152 mi), roughly the equivalent of six consecutive marathons, between Athens and Sparti, the site of ancient Sparta. Runners have to deal with the Greek heat in the day, the cold of the night, and the mountainous terrain. There are 75 checkpoints along the way, where runners are disqualified for safety reasons if they fail to meet time cut-offs. Many runners have crews that support.
  4. It is not the distance. It is not the final cut-off time of 36hours. It is not the elevation including a 1000m mountain to be traversed in the middle of the night. It is not the 40° heat during the day and sub-zero on the mountain at night. It is not the fact it is mostly on leg smashing tarmac. It is the cut offs every 5km. You have to stay ahead of these for each of the seventy odd checkpoints throughout the race. The runner has no time to relax. It is relentless pace. And following the.
  5. Runners must pass through 75 checkpoints along the way and each checkpoint has a cut-off time. Runners outside the cut-off may be pulled out of the race, although tardiness in the first half of the race is generally tolerated. This tolerance begins to fade after sunset, and in the last third of the race organisers may pull out runners who are either outside the time limit or who display extreme fatigue

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  1. Dort ist Kilometer 172 - und damit hatte ich die Spartathlon-Qualifikation für die nächsten zwei Jahre. Mein Zeitplus auf das Cut-off war inzwischen bei 1,5 Stunden, dies wollte ich auf ca. 2 Stunden ausdehnen. Meinen Dünschiss hatte ich mit Cola und diversem Salzgebäck nach weiteren 15 Kilometern im Griff, obwohl ich sonst nie zu Cola griff. Die folgenden Kilometer bis zum.
  2. Spartathlon is a 153 mile (246km) ultramarathon race held annually in Greece since 1983 and takes place between Athens and Sparta. Origin The Spartathlon race aims to trace the footsteps of Pheidippides, an Athenian messenger sent to Sparta in 490 BC to seek help against the Persians in the Battle of Marathon. Pheidippides, according to an account by Greek historian Herodotus in The Persian Wars, arrived in Sparta the day after he departed. Herodotus wrote:
  3. der of how close those cut-off points are. Not that any one at this point is going too slow, it is just that at the beginning of the race you do not have much time to make up time. I do not know what the time is, nor the cut-off times so do not worry. At my first custard feeding station I panic and jog round the corner to get out of the way. I find myself with my head over a.
  4. With very tough cut-off times runners rarely get any time for rest - there's just 36hrs to finish. The course is part of Greek legend. Finish and you'll join the pantheon of legends. The tattoo.
  5. dest trifft das auf die Mehrzahl der Finisher zu; all jene, die länger als etwa 27 bis 28 Stunden für die 246 km brauchen werden*. Begründung: Die Cut-off-Zeit der ersten 42 km erzwingt ein Durchschnittstempo von etwa 6:30

Cut-Off-Zeit ist hier nach 9:30 Stunden um 16:30 Uhr Ortszeit . Hier dürfen uns Heike und Uschi wieder helfen, was sie auch bestens tun. Unser Zeitplan lässt sogar eine Massage zu, also nutzen wir dieses Angebot und lassen uns noch zehn Minuten durchkneten. Mit einem frischen Satz Beine geht es nach stolzen 25 min Pause an diesem Checkpoint frisch gestärkt weiter in den nächsten Rennabschnitt The Badwater is characterized by its environmental conditions with extreme high temperatures and large altitude differences to overcome, while the Spartathlon is well known for its cut-off regulations with strict time limitations, apart from its unique historical background. To date, no study investigated the participation and running speed of female and male ultramarathoners competing in races longer than 200 km under extreme conditions such as heat and time limit. Therefore, the. Der Spartathlon 2018 endet natürlich erst mit mit der Siegerehrung. Die Veranstaltung findet direkt am Meer hinter ein traumhafter Kulisse unter freiem Himmel statt. Während wir nach dem Empfang gemütlich ein Glas Sekt schlürfen und dabei die Plätze einnehmen, wird das Buffet aufgebaut und die große Party vorbereitet

Der Spartathlon über 247 Kilometer nonstop von Athen nach Sparta ist ein besonderer Lauf. In diesem Jahr belegte die Zeulenrodaerin Heike Bergmann Platz 5 bei den Frauen in 31:41:35 Stunden. Bester Mann aus Thüringen war Peter Flock auf Platz 30 in 30:00:44 Stunden. Mit Frank Becker, Jörg Kupfer und Gunter Rothe kamen weitere Finisher aus dem Freistaat. Gunter Rothe lässt uns diesen unvorstellbaren Lauf miterleben INTERNATIONAL SPARTATHLON RACE REGULATIONS As in 2016 revised ARTICLE 1 Runners submit their participation applications online at the website of the International Spartathlon Association (ISA). The race's official language is Greek. The Organizing Committee (OC) decides on the approval of the applicants. ARTICLE 2 Runners must provide a recent medical certificate confirming their physical.

Zu den berühmt-berüchtigten gehört der 246 Kilometer lange Spartathlon in Griechenland, der auf der historischen Strecke von Athen nach Sparta verläuft. Vater des Spartathlon ist der griechische Bote Pheidippides, der 490 v. Chr. während der Perserkriege von den Athenern nach Sparta geschickt worden sein soll, um bei den Spartanern um Hilfe in der bevorstehenden Schlacht bei Marathon zu bitten. Angeblich begab er sich morgens auf die 246 km lange Strecke und kam am. September 25, 2020 (Friday) Cut off: 36:00 hours Running 245.3 kilometers Mixed. Hotels and Airbnbs near Spartathlon. Book your stay now Hotels and Airbnbs near Spartathlon. Book your stay no

Every single one of the 75 checkpoints has a cut-off, and the cut-offs are more aggressive up to around 100 miles, so many runners have paid the price for going off too hard in the first half. You have to hit marathon distance in 4:25 hours, 50 miles in 9:30 hours, 100 miles in 21 hours.and whilst I know I'm more than capable of running these times, I have obviously never run them as part. Background The aim of the present study was to compare the trends in participation, performance and age of finishers in 'Badwater' and 'Spartathlon' as two of the toughest ultramarathons in the world.. The statue stands at the end of Sparti's main street. A crowd gathers around Leonidas early on the morning of the second day, staying put until the final cut-off at 7pm. When the runners descend. Legendary, a classic. Descriptions often used about events, but literally true in the case of the Spartathlon. It has a fantastic ancient and modern history. That, and its prestige lead to it being a race that is on most ultra-runner's bucket list as a result. The race originates in the ancient 2500 year old legend of Pheidippides Spartathlon September 24, 2021 (Friday) Running 245.3 kilometers Cut off: 36:00 hours Solo Mixed. The information about this race is based on information provided by the organisers or found on the official website of the event. Always check the official website for up-to-date information. If you have noticed any mistake, let us know at [email protected] News. From Around the web. Abundant.

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Spartathlon 2011, Papas Marathon im FC Bayern Trikot Seite - Osnabrück, LG FC Bayern Osnabrüc British Spartathlon Team; Ultra-Running. There and back again!! 10 times.. A Flitch Way Tale. Posted by runhammyrun on February 1, 2018 February 1, 2018. It is safe to say that my build up hadn't exactly been ideal to tackle the Flitch Way 100k race in Braintree. I had seriously overindulged over the festive season to the point where I had really lost my running mojo, and in the absence of. Spartathlon. Spartathlon is a 246 kilometre (152.85 miles) ultramarathon race held in Greece since 1983 between Athens and Sparta.. Origin . The Spartathlon aims to trace footsteps of Pheidippides, an Athenian messenger sent to Sparta in 490 BC to seek help against the Persians in the Battle of Marathon.Pheidippides, according to an account by Greek historian Herodotu

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Spartathlon Athens, Greece goes that Pheidippides arrived in Sparta on the next day of his departure from Athens, hence the tough 36-hour cut-off time. Course Highlights. The Spartathlon runs over roads, rough tracks and muddy paths, crosses vineyards and olive groves, climbs steep hillsides and, most challenging of all, takes the runners on the 4,000-foot ascent and descent of Mount. But Spartathlon appealed because first, it is less known and second, at 36 hours overall cut-off time for a 246 km-race, its pace is faster. That said you can never compare races to conclude which is harder. It is personal choice and further, what each person is on given day,'' he said. According to Wikipedia, Spartathlon has 75 checkpoints with each checkpoint having its own cut-off time.

Since women were generally slower in ultramarathon running than men [2-4], the cut-off limits in the Spartathlon could have a greater influence on women for a successful finish. Present findings were in accordance with other studies regarding the fact of a relatively low female participation in ultramarathon in comparison to shorter running events such as a marathon [ 3 , 4 , 9 , 10 ] Story map. Media. World car The cut-off for the 50 mile stage is 9.30, which itself is quite fast and beyond many people on it's own. If the times were divided evenly for the whole 153 then this cut-off should be something like 11.45. I think the reason is to get people off the busy roads and into the countryside before it gets too late and dark. You don't need to be way ahead of the cut-offs at this stage, there is. Ich werde es auf jeden Fall lesen, auch wenn es wohl so lange dauern wird wie der Spartathlon ! :D. Spandelles. 22.11.2016, 13:34. Puh, Udo. Ich hab angefangen und bin noch nicht mal beim Start angekommen, da ist die Pause um. Aber ich freu mich schon auf die restlichen Mittagspausen diese Woche und werde auch mit dem Cut off kämpfen. Vielen Dank schon mal für Deine Mühen, die mir solche. Ja, der Spartathlon ist ein ganz besonderes Rennen mit vielen bewegenden Momenten, Aussichten, Geschichten und Menschen: Der Start an der Akropolis, quer durch den morgentlichen Berufsverkehr in Athen, die Autobahn nach Piräus, der lange, 30°C heiße, schattenlose und Cut-off geprägte Weg nach Korinth, die wunderschöne Küsten- und Bergstrassen, diie Olivenhaine, der Weinanbau, die.

The cut-off for the first marathon is 4 hours and 45 minutes, which sounds ok, but that's the first marathon of six! The cut-off at 50 miles is 9 hours, 30 minutes. That means that you need to average 11 minute miles to reach it, no easy task when you factor in the heat and stops for food and drink. There are 75 checkpoints throughout the race, so you can't really afford to have a bad. The Spartathlon aims to trace the footsteps of Pheidippides, Runners outside the cut-off may be pulled out of the race, although tardiness in the first half of the race is generally tolerated. This tolerance begins to fade after sunset, and in the last third of the race organisers may pull out runners who are either outside the time limit or who display extreme fatigue. Entry requirements. Der Spartathlon Ultra-Marathon ist ein historisches Ultra-Distanz-Rennen, das jedes Jahr im September in Griechenland stattfindet. Es ist eines der anstrengendsten und anspruchsvollsten Ultra-Distanz-Rennen der Welt wegen seines Geländes, seiner Länge und seiner Route. Die gesamt zurückgelegte Strecke beträgt satte 250 km und wird über einen Zeitraum von 36 Stunden mit Rennfahrern. I had an hour's lead on the cut-off time and my legs were fine, said I. And now the best part was coming up; the orange groves, the vineyards, the tiny villages. Finally, the real Spartathlon was getting underway. To the left, vineyards, and the smell of fresh must. Idyllic. Kids on bikes, farms, quiet. I wasn't really well but was getting better. It took a while to get over the panic that.

Le cut off est de 37 h, soit une moyenne globale de 6 km/h à tenir sur l'intégralité du parcours. En fonction du temps réalisé par chaque concurrent, un sésame pour le Spartathlon peut être accordé (nous vous tiendrons au courant des minimas demandés pour la qualification directe ou le tirage au sort). Venez rejoindre ce beau projet où, au delà de l'exploit sportif, un état d. Gerald Baudek hat erneut bei Spartathlon gefinished. Dieser gilt als einer der schwersten und prestigeträchtigsten Läufe der Welt. Entsprechend der Route des Meldeläufers Phedippides führt die Strecke von der Akropolis in Athen zur Statue des Leonidas in Sparta. Die insgesamt 246,7 Kilometer sind in höchstens 36 Stunden zurückzulege Spartathlon is like no other race in the sense that several things happen that just don't occur in any other event that I know of. During the early stages I had already experienced children waiting outside their schools, lining up for high fives from all the runners, and a group of boys had accompanied Nathan and I to the edge of their town running and shouting 'you go to Sparti!!' then. Spartathlon Strecke SPARTATHLON Ultra Rac . Described as the world's most grueling race, the Spartathlon runs over rough tracks and muddy paths (often it rains during the race), crosses vineyards and olive groves, climbs steep hillsides and, most challenging of all, takes the runners on the 1,200 meter ascent and descent of Mount Parthenio in the dead of nigh

Spartathlon is a 153mile Ultra across Greece from Athens to Sparta and is well known for being one of the hardsest there is around. Not only is it a very long way in Greek heat but it's on hilly roads and has a couple of mountains to get over after 100miles in! The cut off's are the really challenging bits and start off really tough with only 9:30 to complete the first 50 miles and then. Spartathlon is rooted in history and was first developed by John Foden, a British RAF Wing Commander. As a lover of Greece and student of ancient Greek history, Foden was reading ancient Greek historian Herodotus' account of Pheidippides, the man who inspired the original Marathon race. It is fabled that before his famed run to Marathon, Pheidippides ran from Athens to Sparta, a distance of. Mit 70,6 km ist die Hälfte nicht mehr weit, mein Vorsprung auf die Cut-Off-Zeit um 18:30 h beträgt noch ein gute halbe Stunde. Da von nun an die Cut-Off-Zeiten großzügiger bemessen sind (ca. 12 Minuten pro km), bin ich entspannt. Bevor wir uns in Richtung Osten wenden, müssen wir durch den gekiesten Schlosspark und anschließenden Wald westlich nach Krampnitz, um eine Havelbucht zu. Or perhaps it's the severe cut-off times that eliminate more than half the field each year. Whatever it is the Spartathlon is a fixture in the calendar of so many runners, for most including myself it is the last big race of the year. I had unfinished business here, though I finished last year I did not feel like I beat the race. My body was so broken I could not run to the statue of. Spartathlon 2009 - Bericht von Mario Sagasser. Gänsehaut pur, als ich nach 240 km am Samstag Mittag Sparta erreichte. Denn mit dem Erreichen der Stadtgrenze bekamen wir eine Polizei-Eskorte, damit wir nicht zu eng überholt würden und uns auch ansonsten voll auf die letzten Kilometer konzentrieren konnten. Da ich entsprechend der letzten Kilometerangaben (die gab es immer an den.

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The Spartathlon is one of the most difficult and satisfying ultra-distance races in the world because of its unique history and background, race profile, running conditions and strict cut-off times. The field is capped at 390 runners from all around the world, who meet the rigid qualifying criteria. Luca first started running when he moved to Australia at the end of 2008. Having migrated at. While Pheidippides is best known for having inspired the modern marathon, his running heroics are also replicated each year at the Spartathlon. A 153-mile race from Athens to Sparta, with a strict cut-off time of 36 hours, the race aims to retrace the footsteps of the great Greek messenger. Starting life in 1983, it now attracts ultrarunners the world over and is considered one of the most.

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The first is a racing factor, namely, the brutal cut-off times. Other races allow for the runners to revitalise en route; have a sleep or a sauna or a swim or a three-course meal with brandy and cigars. Not the Spartathlon. There are over 70 checkpoints on the route; if you don't reach them within the specified time then you are out. Your race is run. Your reward is to clamber into the Death. Der Spartathlon, einer der härtesten Ultraläufe der Welt, war geboren. Seit 1983 wird dieser Lauf organisiert (245,3 km) und jeweils am letzten Freitag im September um 7:00 h ist Start vor der Akropolis in Athen. Die Statue des Leonidas in Sparta muss spätestens am darauf folgenden Tag um 19:00 h berührt werden. Sehr knapp bemessen sind die Cut-Off-Zeiten auf den ersten 120 km. Große. While the Spartathlon is not a very well known race in the US, the rest of the ultrarunning world considers it the most elite ultramarathon on the planet. The race seems basic, 153 miles of mostly road with several miles of trails (the mountain) and with a cut off time of 36 hours. But the difficulty is disguised perhaps in the several intermediary cut off points which, if not made. Spartathlon represents this first time for me that I will truly be running on behalf of my entire country. I will be driven by the thoughts that my participation and my run are not just for, or in honor of a single person, but for all of my fellow country-men and -women (both home and abroad). This is an incredibly humbling feeling and I only hope that I represent and honor both my team and my.

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The wise old heads of previous Spartathlon had told me that if you clear the mountain within the cut-off time, you will make it to the end. Sadly, after the mountain we plunged into a valley. It was 5:30am and we had not seen the sun for 10 hours. My t-shirt was proving woefully inadequate and I was shaking uncontrollably with the cold, falling asleep as I ran and mildly hallucinating I think. I'd not hit the 50 mile cut off in respect to Spartathlon in any of the 3x 100 miles, I'd done in 2016. In fact, I'd RTCd in the T100 at 70 miles, telling people I was looking after my feet. Really!! Thinking you're going to DNF and actually DNFing are 2 different things. No one told my mind, which wasn't listening to what my brain told it. Things such as . A. You're not ready B. You're feet. Once a year, long-distance athletes from all over the world run 246 kilometers from Athens to Sparta, participating in what is considered the world's most grueling race—the Spartathlon

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Spartathlon is a 246 kilometres (153 miles) non-stop race from Athens to Sparta, where participants run along the Greek coastline and across several mountain ranges (the toughest being a 1,200-metre mountain pass negotiated in the dead of the night and after 160 kilometres!!). This challenge has to be completed within a strict 36-hour time limit, with intermediate cut-off times at each check. Since its inception in 1983, the International Spartathlon Association (I.S.A) has organised the race every September as, according to Herodotus' account, Pheidippides' epic mission to Sparta was made at that time of the year. This year, it will be held from 25 to 26 September 2015, and as with past years, rain, strong winds and temperatures as low as 4°C are expected. Unfolding over rough. But I had the Spartathlon experience, and recent results. So that would be interesting. I was also kind of racing Pam - it was a rematch from a 24-hour race in May, where she beat me - though if we each ran what we planned, she'd be way ahead. Katy was an unknown this year. So there was an outside chance I'd be first American overall. But at this point all that was outside my control; I.

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I have just landed in Athens but this journey began long ago. For me, ever since discovering the world of ultra running, I have heard mythical tales of the Spartathlon, a 246km road race from Athens to Sparta, following the journey of the messenger Pheidippides. Yep, he's that same guy the marathon is based on. Wha Spartathlon is a 246 kilometre (152.85 miles) ultramarathon race held in Greece since 1983 between Athens and Sparta. Origin: The Spartathlon aims to trace footsteps of Pheidippides, an Athenian messenger sent to Sparta in 490 BC to seek help against the Persians in the Battle of Marathon. Pheidippides, according to an account by Greek historian Herodotus in The Persian Wars, arrived in Sparta. The Spartathlon relives the story of Pheidippides, an ancient Athenian long distance runner who, in 490 BC (before the battle of Marathon), was sent to Sparta from Athens to seek help in the war between the Greeks and the Persians. According to the ancient Greek historian Herodotus, Pheidippides arrived in Sparta the day after his departure from Athens (he clearly got his hands on a horse). In. You should have run a specific number of races in a specified cut-off time making it a hard task for even the most dedicated ultra runner. With only few years under his belt, Kieren managed to do just that. To qualify for the Spartathlon you should have already run a number of long distance races in a specific timing. For example they would want you to run 100k in under 10 hours and 100. The British Spartathlon Team Race Report 2017 The Spartathlon... The ultimate ultra-distance race, the iconic race that makes grown men cry, over a quarter of runners standing on the start line will not finish for various reasons, at least half of runners will cross a point during this journey where they no longer know who they are or what they are doing here, most crew members will shed a.

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Spartathlon 2016 Race Report David Niblack For the long distance runner, the Spartathlon is a kind of Matterhorn. It has the ingredients of an epic: a finish line that stretches a long, long way from the start; 153 miles, almost six consecutive marathons. There is a big mountain at the 100 mile mark, a big city at the start, a big cold night in the middle, and a big percentage of runners who. Kieren Dsouza is an Indian ultramarathon runner and endurance athlete. In 2016, he became the first and, as of October 2016, the only Indian to qualify for and finish the Spartathlon, a 246 kilometre footrace from Athens to Sparta held annually in Greece.Kieren, then aged 23, completed the race in 33 hours, 2 minutes and 25 seconds, standing 85th among 370 participants I didn't make the Spartathlon cut-off either I'm afraid, thanks to the little excursion along the wrong side of the river after Cookham, and then a bit of a tour of Henley Still it was a great event and good to meet you and chat for the first few miles! All the best with the Race Across America - and hope to see you out on the trails again soon! Cheers. Paul. Lynda Schlarman | August. 'Beyond physical strength and mental toughness': Running 246km in 36 hours at the Spartathlon Ultramarathon runner Dean Karnazes looks at one of the world's toughest endurance races. By Mark.

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Spartathlon. Overview Route Raceday Questions Gallery Tickets. Event passed. See results and photos. Spartathlon is a 246-kilometre (153 mi) ultramarathon race held annually in Greece since 1983 between Athens and Sparta. Contents. 1 Origin; 2. The Doliho, derived from Dolichos a long-race of approximately 4800 m introduced into the ancient Olympic Games in 720 BC, is an epic ultra race from Delphi to Olympia covering a distance of 255 Km with a 48 hour cut-off. The race was established by the Olympians Athletic Club and Dolicho Organising Committee. For those runners more familiar with another Greek ultra race, the Spartathlon, for. Now every September a Spartathlon takes place in Greece to commemorate Pheidippides' trek. This ultra-distance marathon covers 246 kilometers (nearly 153 miles) from Athens to Sparta, with a 36-hour cut-off. THE MARATHON RACE DEBUT. Despite its tragic beginnings, the marathon distance has lived on, and the inaugural race happened at the 1896 Olympic Games in Athens. Pierre de Coubertin. Spartathlon is often described as the toughest race on Earth. It's not the terrain, though that is indeed challenging. It's not the heat, though it is indeed hot. It's the cut-offs. There are 75 CPs along the way and every single one has a closing time and if you're late at even just one of them your race is over. To make things worse, considerably worse, the cut-offs during the first third.

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The Road to Sparta is a 60-minute documentary about the epic 246 kilometre Spartathlon from Athens to Sparta. The film features four runners, including the Greek-American Dean Karnazes, as they attempt to reach the finish before the 36-hour cut-off point. Through the use of original poetry (AE Stallings) and music (Old House Playground), the film also tells the tale of the ancient runner. Spartathlon is a 153-mile footrace that follows Pheidippides' perceived route from Athens to Sparta. It's hilly, hot and the cut-off times are ruthless: the distance must be covered in 36 hours, with all those not on schedule being scooped up by the lovingly titled death bus. The race began unofficially in 1982, when British RAF Wing Commander. Spartathlon is considered by most elite ultrarunners as being the greatest race on the planet and the most elite event in the world. After having ran it myself, I now understand why all those claims are valid. Sparathlon is like no other race, it is the greatest. Two years back I decided to run the race. I was captivated from the first seconds I heard of it. At that time I was new to the ultra.

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• Run with the purest of Olympian ideals, Spartathlon pits participants against the early morning Athens rush hour, soaring heat in the middle of the day and temperatures reaching near zero overnight on the mountain pass. • Along the way, there are 75 checkpoints - runners who miss one of the strict cut-off times are picked up by the 'death bus' and not allowed to continue. • The. Nous en parlons depuis 3 ou 4 mois au sein de notre association, nous vous annonçons donc l'arrivée du petit frère de l'Ultr'Ardèche : le 100 miles de France, distance officielle, délai max 27 heures. Départ à 9h le samedi pour un cut off le dimanche à midi, ce qui permet d'avoir une majorité d'arrivées His Spartathlon record is something like 22.5 hours. When he finishes a race (usually first), he wraps himself in a sleeping bag and stays at the finish line until everyone has come through. With a 36-hour cut off for Spartathlon, that's a 14-hour wait before going for a shower and to relax, just to show support to those not as gifted as he is. Scott's a vegan runner. Despite growing up on.

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The Spartathlon is now a part of Greek history, and one that honors one of the great stories of ancient Greek history (the feats of Pheidippides). Thus, the race has really become part of the fabric of Greek culture. I've never experienced this in ultrarunning; in most U.S. races, people look at you with mild bemusement at best. But in Greece, genuine emotion and passion was just pouring out. In Spartathlon, running speed remained unchanged at 10.8 ± 0.7 km/hour in men and 8.7 ± 0.5 km/hour in women (P > 0.05). In Badwater, the number of men in age groups 30-34 years (r(2) = 0.37, P. My 17 questions to the first Indian participating in the super challenging Spartathlon 2016. 1 Reply . When I started writing this blog, I thought of writing stories that have inspired me to do the stuff that I do and make me say 'why will I do it again'. But, there are also stories about people that I have had the pleasure of knowing. It is some of these stories that I would like to. Whilst there are hotter races, and more mountainous, it is the aggressive cut off times at each 5k checkpoint that truly test us to complete the course in under 36 hours. Dr Jeff Aldous from the School of Sport Science & Physical Activity said: Its a pleasure for us to be able to help Ian prepare for the Spartathlon and we wish him the best of luck. We are always pleased to welcome athletes.

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